State Nuclear Baoti Zirconium Industry Company (abbreviated as "SNZ") was established and invested by State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation Ltd (SNPTC) and Baoti Group Co. (51% from SNPTC, 49% from Baoti). SNZ was established on Nov 26, 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 2.6 billion as a key subsidiary corporation under the management of SNPTC.

 SNZ, a specialized company with R&D and manufacture of nuclear grade zirconium products, has the first complete nuclear grade Zirconium production chain in China, which is also the only domestic licensee in China for the whole manufacturing technology of AP1000 nuclear grade zirconium materials from Westinghouse Electric Company. SNZ aims to integrate thedomestic zirconium production resources and introduce the whole set of AP1000 manufacture and process technology for nuclear grade zirconium products.

SNZ’s facility is located in Baoji, Shaanxi, except that zirconium spongeproduction line is in Nantong, Jiangsu. The industrial system Includes

nuclear grade zirconium sponge production, zirconium alloy ingotmelting, billet preparation, tubing, bar, plate strip production and

recycle material processing. The annual capacity is 2000 tons of sponges,2000 tons of alloy ingots, 80 tons of plates and strips, 1000 tons of tubes and bars, which meets the demand of 100 million-kilowatt level nuclearpower units and the needs of petroleum and chemical industry etc.The production scale and capacity are lead in the world.


SNZ represent the advanced level of China zirconium materials , which output account for 80% above of  China. it  provide a lot of high quality zirconium tube material, rod, plate and deep processing products fornuclear power plant and oil, electron, chemical industry and other industries.

As an important industry of enterprise development strategy, in 2007, BAOTI Group joint venture with SNPTC ,then found the State Nuclear BAOTI Zirconium Industry Company that become China's largest production scale and highest level of modernization of nuclear grade zirconium professional manufacturer and the world's fourth largest Nuclear zirconium material production base. It plays an important role in meeting the domestic nuclear power industry and other industry development demand for zirconium.




High precision rolling production line.

Adopts the international commonly used Germany mannesmann production of zirconium tube production of high-precision high-speed ring groove pilger mill, the rolling production line include KPW75, KPW50, KPW25, KPW18 four kinds of high precision ring groove rolling mill, pipe specifications by Φ 80 or 63.5 mm Φ extrusion billet to nuclear power in a variety of specifications of the cladding pipes.

And for high precision mould manufacturing mill, especially roll pass and core head processing, equipped with GG52 five axis nc grinder, FORTUNA four axis CNC cylindrical grinder and MAHO – 600E three coordinate nc milling machine and other 17 sets of high-precision processing equipment, make the precision of the clad pipe processing + 0.01 mm below.

Large contiuous vacuum annealing furnace

The computer controls large continuous vacuum annealing furnace (72 m long).

In order to improve the temperature control precision, the heating chamber is divided into fourteen zones, and the computer is used to control the furnace temperature, which is the only high precision large zirconium vacuum annealing furnace in China.

Automatic control of finished products

Zirconium is a very active metal; its surface is extremely easy to be polluted, which has the greatest effect in the iodine of stress corrosion. so in addition to the finished surface of zirconium alloy tubing in sand or pickling process flow, and external surface of mechanical polishing processing. Finished pipe outside surface polishing in the finishing line, nondestructive testing, marking, sorting, cutting to length, cleaning, inspection and packing and so on a series of process, full automatic control, so as to avoid the man-made pollution, ensure the cleanliness of steel tubes.