Since1965,without the reference experiences from the similar enterprises, the workers designed, operated, installed and adjusted on their own with the goal of “all for military industry” together with the brave revolutionary spirit and scientific attitude. With the principle of “design, build, research and produce at the same time”, the nation’s first base for processing, researching and producing the rare metal materials began to take shape. This is a practice of modernization construction on self-reliance.

Project 902 was transferred in the beginning of 1976. Through the confirmation of the three parties of designing, construction and processing plant, Baoji Non-ferrous Metal Processing Plant (BAOTi Group) would take charge of the continued construction and final project under the condition of the lack of over 40 million yuan investment according to the original design project. Since then, the plant (BAOTi Group) entered into an adjusting period of both completing the continued construction and final project as well as scientific research and production tasks.




After 1983, the factory (BAOTiGroup) entered a period of rapid development. Due to the earlier policy of "civil military combination, development for civil use", the titanium material market has been greatly broadened, creating conditions for the rapid development of enterprises, then, BAOTi Group’s the production value and output kept increasing by more than 20%. Through the inner reorganization, management systems have been completed, the foundation has been solidified. BAOTi Group is marching forward to modern management, and it has earned several awards. The image and fame has of BAOTi Group has been greatly elevated. Under the nation’s preferential policy of develop the industry of titanium based on titanium, the group started large-scale technology reform and relocation construction which were called “the second entrepreneurship”. Under the Opening Policy, the group upgraded and implemented reforms in plan, and triggered out the developing vigor. With the economic development of the group, staff’s annual income increased yearly, the working environment improved, people united, the cohesion has been greatly elevated. The intellectuals have been properly settled, which greatly motivated the technicians, and obtained fruitful scientific achievements.




From the year 2000, Baoji Non Ferrous Metal Processing Plant (transformed into BAOTiGroup Co., Ltd. in 2005) has come into a developing period of reorganizing the structure, transforming the system, and marching towards building modern enterprise. Through the deepening of the reform, structure has been adjusted; asset has been restructured; property rights have been reformed, and diversification of investment entities has been realized. The group went through the fierce challenges of severe competition at home and abroad in economic globalization and the financial crisis inSoutheast Asia, conquered the obstacles, got out of the trough and won the development. The group’s technology reform has developed into higher level on the basis of completing relocation of production lines and technology reform project, has deepened the inner reform with the main content of three principles, and has built a vigorous new system. The group has been strategically reorganized and realized great-leap-forward development.